NYC Market Research Focus Group Loft Studio,  NYC Market Research Focus Group Loft Studio, NYC Market Research Focus Group Loft Studio

As a company that owns and operates a traditional 4 room facility that has consistently been top rated in the Impulse Survey since it opened, we have a pretty good idea of the creature comforts that the research team has come to expect when they are at a facility.

Up until now options were limited when it came to taking a project out of a facility and putting it at a cool, hip, alternative location that not was rife with other problems. 

The Loft was designed to address these issues and more:


Built to accommodate one project at a time. No longer do you have to worry about someone overhearing something that they shouldn't have heard, or running into a colleague from several positions ago.


Gone is the mirror and dark viewing room. In its place, viewers sit in a bright open room adorned with windows that invite conversation and offers views of the Manhattan skyline.


Large TV's ranging in size that display different camera angles simultaneously to observe what is taking place. If something is being displayed for the respondents to see, it can easily be shown in the viewing room.

Other Features

  • Convenient and central midtown location
  • Fully embedded technology (professional A/V equipment, HD video recording, large mounted LCD televisions, wireless internet, closed circuit television, video streaming)
  • Non-shared entrance to the 14th floor (which is all ours)
  • Individual suite and observation room A/C control
  • Respondent Studio is setup to simultaneously offer a more intimate living room setup, as well as a conference table setup so that the discussion can move between the two areas as needed

NYC Loft Photos

NYC Market Research Focus Group Loft Studio