Welcome to the new home of Marketview Westchester!

Advanced Focus is pleased to announce that it has added Marketview Westchester to its portfolio of facilities. The Westchester location joins our traditional facility and loft locations that are located in Midtown Manhattan. With this addition, Advanced Focus is now your one stop location for all of your New York City and Suburban research needs.

So what does this mean for the clients that have come to love working with Marketview?

One of the most important, and comforting things about returning to a facility that you have been to in the past is seeing familiar faces. You can rest assured that the staff that you have enjoyed working with in the past are not going anywhere.

The facility itself though will be getting a facelift. In the not too distant future there will be a whole new color scheme and we will be adding two private client workstations. Additionally we have some tech upgrades planned that will further enhance your research and experience with us.


Custom-designed Studio 1: 
Conference Room          17.6'’ X 24.5’
Client Viewing                  19.5’ X 24.3’ (Seats 15 observers)

Custom-designed Studio 2:
Conference Room           19.4’ X 14.1’
Client Viewing                   19.4’ X 14.1’ (Seats 12 observers)

Custom-designed Studio 3:
Conference Room           17.9’ X 14.9’
Client Viewing                   17.9’ X 14.9’ (Seats 12 observers)


The Facility - Westchester 520 White Plains Road, 1st Floor • Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591 • telephone:914.631.0796 fax:212.217.2007