Welcome to the first truly non-traditional research facility, designed and built with the needs of the researcher in mind!

As a company that owns and operates a traditional 4 room facility that has consistently been top rated in the Impulse Survey since it opened, we have a pretty good idea of the creature comforts that the research team has come to expect when they are at facility. Up until now options were limited when it came to taking a project out of a facility and putting it at a cool, hip, alternative location, and if you could find something that aesthetically fit what you were looking for, more often than not it was rife with problems. Here are some of the comments that we have heard from people who have taken projects to other types of spaces:

1. What do you mean, there is no dedicated assistant available to help us?

2. There is too much noise from the other people at this place.

3. What we are discussing is incredibly confidential, we need privacy.

4. How can I setup closed circuit viewing for my team of 18 people as well as take audio and video recordings back to the office without the respondents feeling like they are on a movie set?

5. I must have video streaming, lets get a mobile unit!!

6. There were no M&M's. What is a focus group with out M&M's!!!!!

7. And many more....

The Loft, by Advanced Focus was designed to address these issues and more! Here is just some of what we offer:

1. A team of dedicated Qualitative Assistants who are not only there to offer assistance, but who are more importantly familiar with Marketing Research.

2. Exclusivity! The Loft was built to accommodate one project at a time. No longer do you have to worry about someone overhearing something that they shouldn't have heard, or running into a colleague from 3 jobs ago that you really don't want to talk to!

3. If you have been to our facility, and thought that was technologically advanced (no pun intended) you haven't seen anything yet. Gone is the mirror and dark viewing room. In its place, viewers sit in a bright, open and airy room with windows that you can actually see out of. There are 5 TV's ranging in size from 52 to 80 inches that display 3 different camera angles simultaneously for viewers to observe what is taking place just across the hall. Additionally, if something is being displayed for the respondents to see, it can easily be shown on any of the screens in the viewing room.

4. Video Streaming - CHECK!

5. And most importantly we have M&M's!


Other Facts:

  • Technology Features
    • HD Video and high quality audio
    • Large mounted LCD televisions
    • Wireless internet (wired too)
    • Video streaming

  • Location, Location, Location!
    • Midtown Manhattan
    • Easily accessible from any of 14 different subway lines - all less than .5 miles away
    • 3 Blocks South and 2 Avenues West of Grand Central Station
      • For Non-New Yorkers, that translates to less than half a mile - approximately a 7 minute walk
    • 6 Blocks North and 1 Avenue East of Penn Station
    • 8 miles from La Guardia Airport (and 16 from JFK)
    • Surrounded by outstanding restaurants, hotels, transportation, and entertainment

  • Comfort Features
    • A layout, a color scheme, and graphics that serve to generate the most creative thoughts
    • Private client booth
    • Non-shared entrance to the 14th floor (which is all ours)
    • Private restrooms
    • Individual suite and observation room A/C control
    • Respondent Studio is setup to simultaneously offer a more intimate living room setup, as well as a conference table setup so that the discussion can move between the two areas as needed

Respondent Studio:   37’ X 20’

Client Suite:                 18’ X 28’ (Seats 20 observers)


The LOFT 15 West 39th Street, 14th Floor • New York, N.Y. 10018 • telephone:212.944.9000 fax:212.217.2007