Top Rated Facility (as reported by the Impulse Survey of Focus Facilities each and every year since The Facility opened)!

If you’re comfortably settled in at a Midtown Manhattan facility that encourages creative thinking the moment you arrive, you are definitely at Advanced Focus.

At Advanced Focus, we love a good laugh but we take our name very seriously! We believe that it sets the tone for all of our products and services:

Advanced (synonyms) –Sophisticated, Forward Thinking, Progressive, Unconventional, Cutting Edge, Innovative, Leading, State of the Art, Avant Garde, Breakthrough, Exceptional, Foremost, Radical...

Like everyone, we used to describe our facility as “state-of-the-art,” “modern,” and “high tech,” but then we realized that this might actually be a rather complacent approach.  How does this terminology translate to someone interested in finding a professional research facility with which to collaborate?  Does it tell you anything you need to know?  Do you visualize a Jetsons-like environment filled with robotic devices, holograms and quirky inventions?  Do you imagine a cold space filled with stainless steel and glass furnishings? 

So, instead of making you guess, we decided to illuminate what “Advanced” means to us (and how that translates to the generation of a very distinctive facility experience for YOU).    We are relentless in our pursuit of the most resourceful ways to provide a well-located, stylish facility; relevant technology; and expert staff.  We accomplish this through: 

  • Consistently re-thinking
    • Updating our suites to make certain first-rate and relevant amenities are accessible at all times

  • Providing fully imbedded technology
    • Professional audio and visual equipment
    • Audio and video input and output
    • Surround sound
    • Large mounted LCD televisions
    • Wireless internet
    • Closed circuit television
    • Videoconferencing
    • Video streaming

  • The central location of our facility
    • Midtown Manhattan
    • 12 blocks South of Grand Central Station
    • 9 miles from La Guardia Airport (and 16 from JFK)
    • Surrounded by outstanding restaurants, hotels, transportation, and entertainment

  • Taking the time to design with research and ingenious artistry in mind
    • Consultation with top Manhattan designers and artists to fashion an environment unique to New York and America
    • A layout, a color scheme, and graphics that serve to generate the most creative thoughts
    • Private client booths
    • Non-shared entrance to the 8th floor (which is all ours)
    • Private restrooms
    • Individual suite and observation room A/C control
    • Completely adaptable conference rooms to accommodate preferred set-up    
    • Fully modular conference tables that allow various configurations (depending on the number of respondents, etc.)
    • Living room set-up with over-sized leather club chairs for a more intimate environment

  • Understanding that the development of new techniques, technology and service are necessary in order to ensure continued advancement

Custom-designed Studio 1: 
Conference Room           27’ X 20’ (Seats 20 conference style; 45-55 classroom style)
Client Lounge                    18’ X 20’ (Seats 20 observers)

Custom-designed Studio 2:
Conference Room           18’ X 14’ (Seats 10 conference style)
Client Lounge                    14’ X 14’ (Seats 12 observers)

Custom-designed Studio 3:
Conference Room           21’ X 15’ (Seats 15-17 conference style and 25-30 classroom style)
Client Lounge                    15’ X 16’ (Seats 14 observers)

Custom-designed Studio 4:
Conference Room           18’ X 16’ (Seats 15 conference style and 25-30 classroom style)
Client Lounge                    18’ X 16’ (Seats 18 observers)

The FACILITY 373 Park Avenue South, 8th Floor • New York, N.Y. 10016 • telephone:212.684.2000 fax:212.684.2677